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anything about my first time doing this?

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asked Feb 12 by DAVID ŞTEFAN DIMINESCU (150 points) 1 flag
#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

int main()
    double firstNumber, secondNumber, productOfTwoNumbers;
    cout << "Enter two numbers: ";

    cin >> firstNumber >> secondNumber;
    productOfTwoNumbers = firstNumber * secondNumber;  

    cout << "Product = " << productOfTwoNumbers;    
    return 0;

3 Answers

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answered Feb 12 by Jeff The Chicken (2,840 points)
Perfection. I couldn't do it better myself. (cuz I don't know C++   XD)
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answered Feb 13 by akash agrawal (140 points)

void main()


int a,b,c;

printf("Enter the two number as a, b respectively\n"):




printf("the sum of %d,%d is %d",a,b,c);

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answered Feb 14 by Aman Yadav (140 points)
This is absolutely correct but you can use short terms for two numbers and products. Such as firstno. Secondno. And product.
Else its fine good.
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