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how to write and run code in command prompt

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asked Feb 16 by Enugala Manideepu Reddy (150 points) 1 flag

3 Answers

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answered Feb 17 by Peter Minarik (22,320 points)

What exactly do you mean by "command prompt"?

Do you refer to Windows Command Prompt?

Have a look at these:

Or Linux shell, e.g. Bash?

You can look at these:

Something else? Please, specify.

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answered Feb 28 by Tech Treat (140 points)
First you have to save your code in a document, Then go to command prompt type the code cd (folder name) next you have type your compiler code along with your document name. Then use ./a.out code

For example,

I created a language folder. In that, I created program.c document which has code in it, Now I have to go to command prompt and type cd language code.

if I am using gcc compiler, I have to enter gcc program.c

if there is no errors, It get compiled. Then i have to enter ./a.out code to execute the program
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answered Mar 8 by Asrith Potnuru (140 points)

for output you need to type a keyword ./a.out

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