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why are we not use #include <‍iostream.h>‍ in c++?

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asked Mar 22 by kunjal kanani (330 points)

2 Answers

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answered Mar 23 by Peter Minarik (22,320 points)
edited Mar 23 by Peter Minarik

Please, read how the include keyword is used.

To give you a quick answer: there is no "iostream.h" file. The actual name for it is "iostream" (no extension). This is how the C++ library headers are named.

The standard naming for your own headers is "myHeader.h" or "myHeader.hpp" for templates though, so the assumption of the name of the header being "iostream.h" was not totally wrong from your end.

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answered Mar 28 by yogesh nagre (110 points)
yes <iostream.h> is used in the c++ language
commented Mar 29 by Peter Minarik (22,320 points)
No, it is not.

"iostream.h" does not exist. The correct file name is "iostream".
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