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anyone know what i did wrong?

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asked 3 days ago by 3 molina william (180 points) 1 flag
import java.util.Scanner;

public class Main


private String firstNum;

private String secondNum;

private String sum;

  public static void main(String[ ] args) {

Main lab = new Main( );

lab.input(); // Read two binary numbers

lab.output( ); // Display output


public void input() {

Scanner reader = new Scanner(System.in);

System.out.print("Enter the first binary number: ");

firstNum = reader.next();

System.out.print("Enter the second binary number: ");

secondNum = reader.next();


public String sum(String first, String second) {

  sum(firstNum, secondNum));

  public static String sum(String n1, String n2) {

int a = Integer.parseInt(n1, 2);

int b = Integer.parseInt(n2, 2);

return Integer.toBinaryString(a + b);




public void output() {

System.out.println(firstNum + " + " + secondNum + " = " + sum(firstNum, secondNum));



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answered 3 days ago by 256 SUJITH KUMAR (120 points)
int main()
    int a[1000],i,n,smallest,largest;
    printf("enter the size of the array:");
    printf("enter elements in array:");
   printf("largest of the array is:%d",largest);
   printf("smallest of the array is:%d",smallest);
    return 0;
commented 2 days ago by Peter Minarik (22,320 points)
I'm not sure why you posted this.

The original poster asked a Java question. Your code is C. Your code does something totally different, not even solving the same problem.

I won't go into various formatting and user experience issues, but I'd like to point out an important problem with your code: you assume the user won't enter a size that's larger than 1000. If they do, memory corruption will happen.
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answered 3 days ago by Peter Minarik (22,320 points)
commented 2 days ago by 3 molina william (180 points)
thank you so much and yes I'm new to programming
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