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Connecting Classes?

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asked May 26, 2021 by no pls no (210 points)

Help, I'm new with Java and I get the feeling that I'm overlooking something which isn't that hard.


I need to do an evaluation where a list of all students gets shown in the main function, which should still be easy if I define my classes and constructors. But I don't get how I can do an evaluation of the performance of every student. I have a class and constructor for the performance, but I don't know how I can connect said class with the student class to get to my preferred goal. Is there some command I'm forgetting about?

Furthermore I have to print a tabular performance - scheme for every student,...

...where the average performance in percent (in Credit Points) of all passed examinations get shown

...where the number of CPs of all passed examinations get shown

...where the number of failed examinations get shown

How do I APPROACH this? No solution (obviously) just hints, because I don't get it.

1 Answer

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answered Sep 9, 2023 by AmritaB (200 points)
Hint: Use inheritance
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