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closed when I try to include another c-header file, I get an error: compilation terminated.

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asked Sep 29, 2021 by Peter Fischi (320 points)
closed Sep 30, 2021 by Admin
If my program consists of multiple files, and I try to include them at the top of my main file, (#include <somefile.h>) The compiler gives an error saying "compilation terminated" with no other info. is this a bug in the compiler or am I doing something wrong?
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answered Sep 30, 2021 by Admin (5,130 points)
If possible, could you share your code using link generated via "Share" button in IDE? That may help us to understand better.
commented Sep 30, 2021 by Peter Fischi (320 points)
edited Sep 30, 2021 by Peter Fischi
I am still working on it so some of the functions are blank, but I do not think that should be the problem.
when I use a desktop compiler (embarcadero dev c++) the compilation works just fine.
commented Sep 30, 2021 by Admin (5,130 points)
Since functions.h is non-standard header file.
You may want to include is using double quote instead of angular bracket.

Try using
#include "functions.h"
Instead of
#include <functions.h>
commented Sep 30, 2021 by Peter Fischi (320 points)
Thank You! that worked fine.
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