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while !!!!!!!

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asked Oct 9, 2021 by 최준혁 (150 points)

One of the numbers 1 to 9 is selected and the following operation is performed.
Multiply a given number by 3 first, and if the result is 10 or more, leave only the number of digits in the work and multiply it by 3 again.
Write a program that outputs the number of times multiplied by 3 until the operation is first selecte

TT... plz

#include <stdio.h>

int main(void)
    int a = 1;
    int count, b;
    scanf("%d", &a);
    if (a>0, a<10)
            b = a * 3;
        if(b > 10)
            b = b % 10;
else if (a<1,a>9)
    printf("1에서 9사이의 수 중에서 입력해주세요.");
return 0;

1 Answer

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answered Oct 11, 2021 by takuodoi (140 points)
I am not sure what you want to do.
Suppose user input 2. Then "b" will become 6, 8, 4 and 2. At that time do you want to show 4, the number of operations?

By the way there are several mistakes:

1. condition of while loop
"assignment" operation (=) returns the assigned value. So "b = a" is evaluated as value of a. I think you want to compare "a" and "b". So you should use "equals" operation (==)

2. b is not initialized
You use "b" as while loop condition. But "b" is not initialized at the first loop.
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