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I was trying nested switch but after choosing ice cream the scanf is not asking input.

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asked Oct 31, 2021 by Isheta Aggarwal (120 points)
//I did try without scanf() and it worked but why scanf() not working

//here's the code

#include <stdio.h>  
int main () {  
   char i,j;
   printf("Enter a for za\nEnter b for ice cream\n ");
   switch(i) {  
      case 'a':   
         printf("You ordered veggie pizza\n");break;
      case 'b':
                printf("Enter c for choco\nEnter v for vanilla\n");
                 switch(j) {  
                     case 'c':  
                     printf("You ordered choco yumyum\n");break;
                 case 'v':
                  printf("You ordered plain vanilla\n ");break;
      default: printf("invisible food\n"); break;    
   return 0;  

1 Answer

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answered Oct 31, 2021 by Peter Minarik (55,660 points)

After you input 'b' the standard input also has the newline character. The next time you scan for a character, it's automatically taken from the standard input. If you want to ignore these whitespace characters, add a space before your character token in your format string (everywhere). E.g.:

scanf(" %c", &i);
// ...
scanf(" %c", &j);
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