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what is wrong

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answered Mar 3, 2022 by לויט יהודה רובי (500 points)
my guess.

on line 6 you wrote:


you didn't define "amount_of_time" as a start.

therefor you can't take of it's value by one.
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answered Mar 3, 2022 by Peter Minarik (89,230 points)

If you look at the error message, you'll see what's wrong:

NameError: name 'amount_of_time' is not defined

And another error message, if you'd fix the above one:

NameError: name 'gift' is not defined

Both of these variables exist only within the timer() function, so trying to access them in the birthday() function is not going to work.

I'm not sure what you're trying to achieve in your code. Maybe you can tell in a few sentences what it's supposed to do and then it would be easier to find a proper fix for your code.

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answered Mar 3, 2022 by Kokoz (340 points)

One more thing- I see you import time and use the sleep function, but you need to write it like that: time.sleep(1)
Otherwise it doesn't recognize it as a function..
As Peter said, give us some more context so we can help..

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answered Apr 2, 2022 by userdotexe (1,340 points)

Possibly globalizing the variables will help:

import time

global amount_of_time

global gift
Sam=dict(age=10, birthday="March 23rd", real_name="Samuel", nickname="Sam")
def timer (amount_of_time,gift):
    while amount_of_time!=0 and gift!="":
        sleep (1)
    return amount_of_time
def birthday ():
    print (f"It's your birthday Sam! You are now {Sam['age']} years old! I got you {gift} for a present" if amount_of_time!=0 else "oh no you ran out of time")


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