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something is not working with code moving to the among.py file

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asked Apr 1 by Kyzer Maynard (140 points)
I tried to code a story mode type game and when i try to do a file and when i try it it doesnt say an error and just wont print.


1 Answer

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answered Apr 9 by Peter Minarik (58,190 points)

There are multiple problems with your main.py file.

  1. You should import your other two files to be able to use them.
  2. Your variable b holds a string so comparing it against the numbers 1, 2, 3 will never yields equality. You should store a number in b instead. The simplest solution is to cast the result of your input into an integral number.
  3. Not a problem, but optimization is to compare other values only if the previous comparison was false: use elif.
  4. If you use elif as suggested above, you can tell the user if they entered an invalid choice by adding a final else case.

Your main.py file fixed:

import random
import sys

import among
import fort

a=input("what is your name\n")
b=int(input("hi " + str(a) + " welcome to story mode,\nthe game is your choice,\n1=among us, 2=fortnite, 3=random\n"))
if b == 1:
elif b == 2:
elif b == 3:
    if e == 1:
    if e == 2:
    print("Invalid choice");
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