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I want to sort my leaderboard

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asked Apr 7, 2022 by Jezrin Jacob (170 points)
1. CSV file needs to be sorted.

2. Only the top 5 scores should be displayed

A snipet of my code:

file= list(csv.reader(open('Leaderboard.csv')))
print('This is the current leaderboard...')
print ('Name       Score')
tmp1 =[]
for row in file:
    names = str (tmp1[count1][0])
    names1 = str(tmp1[count1][1])
    count1= count1+1
    print (names + '         ' + names1)

The output:

This is the current leaderboard...
Name       Score
jazz         10
kyle         10
leah         13
page         11
roll         16
mate         11
pole         13

1 Answer

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answered Apr 8, 2022 by Peter Minarik (88,520 points)
selected Apr 10, 2022 by Jezrin Jacob
Best answer

You should not print out the read (name, score) pairs, but rather store them in a list.

When you have read all the elements, you can sort the list backward.

Look at Example 3 here plus apply reverse = True sorting parameter.

After this, you can take the top 5 elements from your list.

Now it's your turn to get this coded.

Good luck!

commented Apr 10, 2022 by Jezrin Jacob (170 points)
Thanks a lot! I'll try that.
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