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Why my pascal program keeps repeating?

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asked Jun 9, 2022 by Lamborghini Veneno (170 points)
I made this program on pascal , the problem is that in the procedure "llenarLista" it keeps repeating even if I put the A.DNI in 33555444

program Casting;

type Gen = 1..5;

Aspirantes = Record DNI:Integer;






Lista = ^nodo;

Nodo = Record Dato:Aspirantes;



procedure leerAspirantes (var A:Aspirantes);

begin writeLN ('Inserte DNI');

readLN (A.DNI);

WriteLN ('Inserte Nombre y Apellido');

readLN (A.Nom);

readLN (A.Ape);

WriteLN ('Inserte Edad');

readLN (A.Edad);

WriteLN ('Inserte genero de pelicula');

readLN (A.Genero);


procedure agregarElemento (A:Aspirantes;

var L:    Lista);

var nuevo:Lista;

begin new (nuevo);

nuevo ^.dato:= A;

nuevo ^.sig:= nil;

if (L = nil)

then L:= nuevo


begin nuevo ^.sig:= L;

L:= nuevo;



procedure llenarLista (var L:Lista);

var A:Aspirantes;

begin repeat leerAspirantes (A);

agregarElemento (A, L);

until (A.DNI = 33555444);


var L:Lista;

begin L:= nil;

llenarLista (L);


1 Answer

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answered Jun 12, 2022 by Peter Minarik (73,840 points)
edited Jun 12, 2022 by Peter Minarik

After some testing, it looks like the Integer type on Online GDB's Pascal is really just a SmallInt (16-bit signed integer). Hence, it cannot store such a large number as 33555444.

Instead of Integer (, which is probably just a name for another type, depending on compiler options), try to use LongInt (32-bit signed integer) specifically for your DNI and your problem should be solved.

Here is a reference for data types.

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