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Printf formatters not working propertly - C code

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asked Jun 10 by Krzysiek Wegrzyn (150 points)
In my opinion prinf function not workin propertly.


int temp = 0x11abcdef;

printf("%02X", temp);

result: 11ABCDEF

should be: EF

2 Answers

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answered Jun 11 by Peter Minarik (55,660 points)

should be: EF

No, it should not. Please, check the documentation of printf().

(number)Minimum number of characters to be printed. If the value to be printed is shorter than this number, the result is padded with blank spaces. The value is not truncated even if the result is larger.

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answered Aug 1 by Belicia (190 points)
you have not coded this line that's why you don't get it.

int temp;

try adding this to your code and check.
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