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can i use words in bool ?

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asked Jun 12 by Adam Mohamed (170 points)

using namespace std;

int main()


bool y="Yes";

cout<<"can any one answer me"<<y<<endl;


1 Answer

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answered Jun 14 by Peter Minarik (55,660 points)

No, you can not. A bool takes the values true or false. The literal "Yes" is a string, stored in std::string or a const char * or char * for a more C-like type.

That being said, your code compiles, because any number can be automatically cast to a boolean type. The string literal "Yes" is really just a memory address, where this string is found. And a memory address is a number. If it is zero (null), it is false, if it is non-zero, the boolean value of it is true.

That's why your code compiles and runs, but y does not actually hold the string literal "Yes".

commented Jun 15 by NITIN PAL (110 points)
error the code bool is used only true and false statement .
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