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how can i learn coding

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asked Jun 25 by Palla Girish (230 points)

3 Answers

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answered Jun 25 by Peter Minarik (55,660 points)
There are plenty of teaching sites and tutorials online like https://www.tutorialspoint.com/cprogramming/index.htm for learning the C language.

You can take school courses as well, but most of the time, learning on your own should be sufficient if you have the motivation. If you don't then schools can't make wonders either. :)
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answered Jul 5 by MadhuGowthaman (190 points)

Hello friend,

If you are fresher and want to learn server-side languages to code.

Start with Python language once you are confident then try to learn Java

If you want to learn client side programming/languages,  HTML -> CSS -> Javascript -> React/Angular.



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answered Jul 29 by NirjalLOL (440 points)
reshown Jul 29 by NirjalLOL
Hello Friend,

If you want to learn any language use a trusted website or go to youtube
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