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C++ Functions output error

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asked Apr 20, 2018 by anonymous

I am trying to make a program to play a card game. The goal is to make this by only using functions, and the *main()* function will remain empty other than calling the other functions. I have done this previously without the use of user-defined functions, and it worked flawlessly. I am getting weird outputs this time, any help would be greatly appreciated.


1 Answer

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answered Apr 21, 2018 by king of war
.cpp: In function ‘void drawCards(short unsigned int&, char&, short unsigned int&, char&)’:
1.cpp:85:19: error: ‘srand’ was not declared in this scope
1.cpp:86:29: error: ‘rand’ was not declared in this scope
    randomnumber1 = 3 + rand() % 4;
1.cpp: In function ‘bool continueBattle()’:
1.cpp:272:9: error: ‘exit’ was not declared in this scope
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