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What programming language should i learn first?

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asked Sep 14, 2022 by codenxn (1,350 points)
Hi! My name is Levente, and i'm hungarian. I've been programming with java and python in a very long time. I'm just curious(Might spelled it wrong) about others opinion. When i started, I started with javascript. This was the only course on youtube at that time i found, but then i found a course online, better youtube courses and everything.

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answered Sep 14, 2022 by Dylan Roehl (230 points)
I Would start off with python, its easy to learn and good to get you started in understanding programming.
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answered Sep 15, 2022 by Peter Minarik (88,520 points)

Hi Levi,

Javascript is not the nicest language to start with, lol (read this article for more details).

I would recommend something, where one doesn't need to pay extra attention to memory management and the language, is easy to understand.

For that reason, I also back up Dylan and put a vote on Python.

I also found C# to be fairly good on this regard: huge community, Garbage Collection, high-level language with lots of libraries so one doesn't need to understand the details to the core (though they are very welcome to do so and learn low level programming as well.) It's a good way to learn about object-oriented concepts.

Java is similar to C# in many concepts, but C# is done way better. It's often referred to as a "better Java". :)

C isn't too bad either just focusing on loops, branches, logic. But pointers can be confusing and extra care is needed for memory management.

C++ is nice for object-oriented programming if someone wants to have their hands let go and are happy to take implement high performance functionality while keeping an eye one memory management (no Garbage Collection).

There are other languages such as Go, or for someone to like historical languages Pascal (was one of my first languages).

The main point is to like what you do, keep doing it, learn, develop and when you feel confident, use your skill in the real world (get a job XD).

commented Sep 16, 2022 by codenxn (1,350 points)
I know, it was a big mistake start of with javascript. Soon enough, i realised it.
commented Sep 16, 2022 by Stefan Rankovic (100 points)
the best is python because its easy to learn and it doesen't need milion signs in one code, mostly its letters
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answered Oct 6, 2022 by root (810 points)
This is a reappearing questions, for instance more recently: https://question.onlinegdb.com/12648/which-programing-language-should-i-start-with
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answered Oct 6, 2022 by Osman (170 points)
well done. I started also with javascript. Of course it's better to start with more complect programming languages like C, then python.
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