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I need an advice to learn c++ faster

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asked Nov 9, 2022 by Alan Corleto (370 points)
I'm stuck learning c++ I feel like I don't know where to start at, I love coding but Idk why simply things to me are complicated I'd like to know if there is a book or website that I can do homework for to practice and improve because I'm reading a lot but when it comes to practice I can only do certain things :c, need some help, any advise about how to learn faster or a practice book or something

1 Answer

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answered Nov 10, 2022 by Peter Minarik (88,130 points)

Reading how things work is nice, but you really learn things when you apply them in practice.

One way to go about things is to do some tutorials, such as

then, when you're done with the tutorials, you try to use your freshly acquired knowledge. Solve problems in C++, and apply what you've learned.

Another way to go about learning a new language is to jump into the deep water and learn as you go. You may know some basics and you can do that and when you're stuck, you do some research on how to do that particular thing. Then rinse and repeat.

Good luck! :)

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