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ARG help: Adding a Random Number Generator

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asked Dec 1, 2022 by Sonata Avalon (130 points)

I'm currently making an ARG and am wondering how would I make the code below create two-five random number generations. Think that it could make like a number pad on a lock, you'd have to guess the number and if you succeed, it gives you a social media link that allows you to go deeper into the ARG.

/* rand example: guess the number */
#include <stdio.h>      /* printf, scanf, puts, NULL */
#include <stdlib.h>     /* srand, rand */
#include <time.h>       /* time */

int main ()
  int iSecret, iGuess;

  /* initialize random seed: */
  srand (time(NULL));

  /* generate secret number between 1 and 10: */
  iSecret = rand() % 10 + 1;

  do {
    printf ("Guess the number (1 to 10): ");
    scanf ("%d",&iGuess);
    if (iSecret<iGuess) puts ("The secret number is lower");
    else if (iSecret>iGuess) puts ("The secret number is higher");
  } while (iSecret!=iGuess);

  puts ("Congratulations!");
  return 0;

1 Answer

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answered Dec 3, 2022 by Peter Minarik (82,920 points)

To generate random numbers that are 2, 3, 4 or 5 digits long, I'd do the following:

    iSecret = rand() % 100000;
} while (iSecret <= 10);

I hope this helps.

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