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Please help me solve the following program via structures and linked lists

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asked May 7, 2018 by annonymus
Write a C program for a library automation which gets the ISBN number, name, author and publication year of the books in the library. The status will be filled by the program as follows: if publication year before 1985 the status is reference else status is available. The information about the books should be stored inside a linked list. The program should have a menu and the user inserts, displays, and deletes the elements from the menu by selecting options. The following data structure should be used.

struct list{

char ISBN[ 20 ];

char NAME[ 20 ];

char AUTHOR[ 20 ];

int YEAR;

char STATUS[20];

struct list *next; }INFO;

The following menu should be used in the program.


1. to insert a book Press

2. to display the book list Press

3. to delete a book from list

Hint: use strcpy to fill STATUS.

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answered May 8, 2018 by zrhans (210 points)
Could you contract a programmer to do the Job for you. This is not a question. :(
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answered May 17, 2018 by muha
edited May 18, 2018
well i can give you some hints the menu is doen like this for example:

int Menu;  //create a variable for the menu

cout << "choose an option: ";

cin >> Menu;


       case 1:




for the other questions do you need to wrtie functions or are you nnot familiar with them yet
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