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what coding language should I learn for game development

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asked Dec 16, 2022 by Luan Parker (220 points)

15 Answers

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answered Dec 17, 2022 by sav moha (220 points)
the better is python3
commented Mar 1, 2023 by Eidnoxon (5,350 points)
For game development the best isn't python, more like c# or c++, or java
commented Mar 1, 2023 by Tony Sutton (240 points)
The WOSRT is python!! Python is very definitely not a game programming language. C++ or C# are the most suited to game development.
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answered Dec 18, 2022 by Peter Minarik (89,130 points)

For very simple games (e.g. character input/output), any language would do.

For indie games, look for game developer kits, and those languages (C/C++, C#, Python)

For working on a big game project at a big game company, you'll probably need C/C++ or maybe C#.

If you'd want to do video card programming, you'd need to learn HLSL, CG or similar.

And there are other languages used for scripting, such as Lua, Python, shell scripts, bash, etc.

You might need to create extensions for your pipeline, such as Visual Studio, Maya, ZBursh, etc (C# is needed for Visual Studio extensions).

So there's no single answer. You'd probably need many languages to learn.

Start with C# and Unity for indie games. Check this out.

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answered Jan 5, 2023 by Max Jian (730 points)
I would recommend learning Python3 or C++. Although Python3 works perfectly fine, C++ has many benefits in making games and apps. It depends ultimately on the time you have. If you wanna start making games in less than 6 months, then go with C++. However if you have more than a year I would say learn Python3 first as it’s easier to learn and you’ll get the concept of programming. Then learn C++.
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answered Mar 1, 2023 by Emay Liu (200 points)
I reccomend learning javaScript for game development. Python and C++ are used for analyzing data. javaScript is mainly  used for website making and game development.
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answered Mar 1, 2023 by hamzaking11 (420 points)
java, python and C++ three language are using in game development.
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answered Mar 1, 2023 by Eidnoxon (5,350 points)
Python and c++ is a good duo for game developing. Python has pygame and has a very understandable syntax, while c++ has Unreal engine but it's very hard to understand the language. First, start with python then go on with c++.
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answered Mar 1, 2023 by Tony Sutton (240 points)
As a professional developer with 30 years of experience, please disregard the Python suggestions. You are specifically asking about game programming and Python is one of the slowest-running languages there is. Python is good for Ai and data processing code  (although R is also very good) because of the large body of libraries.

C++ or C# are most used for game development where speed of execution really matters.

Also, Python won't be around for much longer as its limitations are already really showing. New upcoming languages will take its place, but C++ and C# will still be here - C has been around since 1974 and is still the most used language for professional development (as opposed to hobbyist work, where Python is the flavour of the month)
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answered Mar 3, 2023 by Fluffyfuffy (440 points)
I would recommend either c# or c++. c# is used in unity game engine and it is pretty user friendly for beginners after just a few tutorials. You would want to learn how to script with it as well. c++ is used in unreal engine, but that one is more advanced and not recommended for initially starting out in the field.
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answered Mar 3, 2023 by Zelrich (180 points)

For game development you not only learning programming language but also game engine. Most common engines learned are Unity on C# (popular choice for indy games) and Unreal Engine on C++ (more common for mainstream titles).. Python doesn`t seems like a viable option since its much slower then C#/C++. Godot engine uses GDScript which is similar to Python but this engine is rarely used and quite obscure.
My thought process would be to check out games written on Unity and Unreal Engine and choose based on that.


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answered Mar 6, 2023 by RupakBoral (180 points)
c++ is required to build a game.
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