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How would I make a variable that counts?

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asked Feb 2 by YC72909 (330 points)

I want to make a variable that counts how many times a number appears in a set. My count variable isn't working though. It always show "0" as the count. Here is a part of my code:

if num1 == 7:
    one_zero + seven_count

Thank you,

YC72909 Scratch & Online GDB

1 Answer

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answered Feb 3 by Peter Minarik (79,800 points)

You have to increment a value of your designated counter, e.g. like this:

count = 0
if num1 == 7:
    count = count + 1

Good luck!

commented Feb 3 by YC72909 (330 points)
Oh,  I see, thank you.
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