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Help me please figure out why the program does not work?

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asked Feb 21 by Егор Емельянов (130 points)
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print("Hello World")
import apiai
import json
import colorama as i
import termcolor as t
from termcolor import colored, cprint
i.init ()
def send_message(message):
# Токен API к Dialogflow
request = apiai.ApiAI('284b7a7808e148bd8675345de315ba1c').text_request()
# На каком языке будет послан запрос
request.lang = 'ru'
# ID Сессии диалога (нужно, чтобы учить бота)
request.session_id = 'April2020'
# Посылаем запрос к ИИ с сообщением от пользователя
request.query = message
# Разбираем JSON и вытаскиваем ответ
response = json.loads (request.getresponse().read().decode('utf-8'))
a = response['result']['fulfillment']['speech']
print(t.colored(a, 'white', 'on_blue'))
print ('--')
return response['result']['action']
print (t.colored('Напишите мне что-нибудь: ', 'red'))
message = input()
print ('--')
action = None
while True:
action = send_message(message)
if action == 'smalltalk.greetings.bye':
message = input ()
print ('--')

1 Answer

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answered Feb 22 by Peter Minarik (69,270 points)
  1. Fix your indentation. I'm not sure if you didn't indent anything or it got lost when you copied your code.
  2. On line 31 a.break should be probably just break.
  3. apiai is not found. Probably the server doesn't have it. You can ask the owners of OnlineGDB if they want to add this library or not. You can always install Python on your own machine and grab this library for yourself.
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