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Can someone tell me what the error is?

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asked Feb 25 by Eidnoxon (2,430 points)
I'm currently learning c++, since I know everything about python, still, I'm learning python data structure too. In c++, I'm learning overloaded functions, everything looks great until I compile it, and there is a bunch of errors I never knew even existed. I watched all over my code, EVEN RE-WRITE IT and still, same error. No semicolons left out, I don't know what's the problem. I tried the same code in another website but then it worked. Here is the source code: https://onlinegdb.com/2dF914tJB ; Please if you can help me I would really be grateful. Have a nice day :D

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answered Feb 26 by Peter Minarik (69,270 points)

In the function prototypes (at the beginning of your file) you need to provide the return types as well. Add void before all of your bakePizza function names.

Also, in void bakePizza(string topping_1, string toping_2) implementation (definition) you have a typo, as toping_2 should have 2 'p' in it.

After fixing all of this, your code will compile and run.

Good luck!

commented Feb 27 by Eidnoxon (2,430 points)
Thank you so much it really means a lot to me! Eventually I found out that I forgot the "void" keyword but I never noticed my typo. Thanks again, I appreciate it!
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answered Feb 28 by hamzaking11 (380 points)
Hi i check your source code you missing two things in it .
 Add void in every begning bakepizza like below

void bakePizza();
void bakePizza(string topping_1);
void bakePizza(string topping_1, string topping_2);
void bakePizza(string topping_1, string topping_2, string topping_3);

and other one is spelling mistake in line 24 you type toping which topping as you enter it above line.

i hope this will be worked and you will understand what's i explained.
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