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is ansi-c book by bala guruswamy good enough to master c language

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asked Mar 10, 2023 by ravishankar (270 points)

3 Answers

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answered Mar 10, 2023 by Peter Minarik (88,130 points)

I am not familiar with that book.

To be fair, you don't need to read any book on programming.

Go to some websites with tutorials. Do the tutorials, and write the code, not copy it. If you do not know how something works, search the Internet and learn from your mistakes.

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answered Mar 13, 2023 by Alan Sampson (440 points)
ANSI-C is very old (1989) and is missing many important updates and features. The current standard is C17 (with C23 in the wings) but at a minimum I’d suggest learning C11 instead.
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answered Mar 13, 2023 by Fatima Suleiman Atta (320 points)
Ansi-c is a good book for beginners to learn c language because it has a simple syntax and it is easy to learn, if you want to advance I advise you go to other books to learn from as well
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