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in which order of concepts should we learn c language

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asked Mar 10 by ravishankar (260 points)

3 Answers

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answered Mar 10 by Swathi (140 points)
  • Variables-Learn about variables in C.
  • Operators-Learn about arithmetic and logical operators.
  • Conditionals-Learn about conditional operators.
  • Loops and Errors-Learn about loops and errors in C.
  • Arrays , Strings,Pointers and memory.
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answered Mar 12 by Usha D (180 points)
Basic algorithm, flowchart

>Variable, constant, literals.
>Arithmetic operators (additional increment and decrement)
>Type conversion
>Conditional statement (if, else, else if, nested if)
>Switch, break, case, continue, goto, default
>Loops (for, while, do while)
>Arrays and string
>Memory allocation
>File handling
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answered Mar 13 by Fatima Suleiman Atta (320 points)
Firstly, learn about variables
Then, learn about the arithmetic and logical operators
Then, learn about the conditional operators
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