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What's the difference between arrays and tuples in python?

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asked 5 days ago by Eidnoxon (2,430 points)
I have been learning python as my 2nd programming language after javascript (Stopped learning it). When learning python, I haven't really paid attention to small things like the difference between tuples and arrays. Both of them can store some specific value, all I know is the difference is that in arrays we put our values we want to store between []'s, in tuples we store them between ()'s. Just please, tell me the difference.

4 Answers

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answered 4 days ago by rynecjohnston (140 points)
Tuples are immutable and static, while lists are mutable and dynamic.
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answered 4 days ago by Sushma (120 points)

Tuples have a slight performance improvement to lists and can be used as indices to dictionaries. Arrays only store values of similar data types and are better at processing many values quickly

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answered 3 days ago by The Dukk Of Code (140 points)
A tuple is a type of array that is ordered and immutable. In other words, a tuple is like a list (also a type of array) but you can’t change, add, or remove objects from it.
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answered 3 days ago by Peter Minarik (69,270 points)

This page makes a nice comparison.

Some highlights:

  • in arrays, only same kinds of elements can be stored, in tuples, different types can be stored too.
  • array elements can be changed, tuple elements cannot be changed.
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