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Ruby, run a cmd-command with a variable inside

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asked Mar 20 by Stefan Klin (140 points)
Hi guys,

I'm a beginner with ruby and I've a simple question. I want to open a .png in irfan-view in full-screen-mode (/fs).
The name of the photo is stored in a variable (file_name) in my ruby script.
How can I implement the variable inside the cmd command?
Thank's a lot for every advice!!

file_name = "001.png"

system("i_view32.exe [file_name] /fs")

1 Answer

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answered Mar 26 by Gédéon KOUMAKO (180 points)

To insert the value of the file_name variable into the command, you can use string interpolation. Here's an example:

file_name = "001.png"
system("i_view32.exe #{file_name} /fs")

In this code, the #{file_name} expression is used to insert the value of the file_name variable into the command string. When the system method is called, the resulting command will be:

i_view32.exe 001.png /fs

This should open the 001.png file in IrfanView in full-screen mode.

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