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closed Why is my HEAL not working in my python game???

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asked Apr 1, 2023 by ANewCoder (290 points)
closed Apr 24, 2023 by Admin

So I'm programming a rpg type game on python,

and when I type “heal” in the input, it doesn't heal the main character.



import random

i = 0

health = random.randint(80, 120)
damage = random.randint(10, 50)

bhealth = random.randint(100, 200)
bdamage = random.randint(10, 40)

def stats(health, damage):
print("You're stats are:")

print('health:', health)
print('damage:', damage)

print('Opponent stats:')
print('Health:', bhealth)
print('Damage', bdamage)

while i < 10:
    i += 1
    ac = input('> ')

    if ac.upper == 'HEAL':
        hp_healed = random.randint(75, 80)
        health = health + hp_healed
        print("You've been healed",hp_healed,"health!")
        print('You have',health,'now!')

        if health > 250:
            health = 250

    if ac.upper() == 'FIGHT':
        bhealth = bhealth - damage
        print('Opponent has',bhealth,'hp left!')
        print(' ')

        if bhealth < 0:
            print('You have eliminated your opponent!')

    health = health - bdamage
    if health < 0:
        print('You have fallen from your opponent!')
    print("You've been hit by a -"+str(bdamage),'health hit!')
    print("You have",health,'health left!')
    print(' ')
I've figured it out! I asked ChatGPT and they told me that the .upper didn't have the brackets()! I feel so stupid lol
closed with the note: solved

2 Answers

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answered Apr 1, 2023 by ANewCoder (290 points)
Do not answer, it's useless now.
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answered Apr 3, 2023 by Eidnoxon (5,270 points)
I'm happy you've figured that out! Good luck on your coding journey! :D
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