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Can't install MinGW64 :(

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asked May 22, 2023 by Eidnoxon (5,160 points)
Hello. I have tried installing mingw64 2 ways.

1. From Sourceforge

2. From Visual Studio Code docs.

as the tutorial video said, I installed them, added them in the path, but when I opened the terminal(I use windows), and typed "g++ --version", it said that "g++" isn't an available command or whatever it said. I have always wanted to download mingw64, but one time I got something while installing mingw64, and everything, everything that was on my desktop was uninstalled and disappeard thanks to mingw64. I don't know what to do. Please help.

1 Answer

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answered May 22, 2023 by Peter Minarik (87,810 points)

When you say "Visual Studio Code docs", do you mean this site?

It looks pretty comprehensive and looks like it has some fix ideas if your environment is not set up correctly. E.g. you'll need to create a new shell after you change the PATH environment variable and check if the PATH points to the right location, etc.

I've never done this before (when I worked with g++, I worked on native Linux), but based on the documentation, it should work.

Maybe you can try again and make sure you follow the steps without any mistakes.

I know it's not much help, but it's rather hard to debug an environment based on some forum messages.

commented Jun 10, 2023 by Eidnoxon (5,160 points)
I have already tried those. I add MinGW-64 to the path, and try `g++ --version` or `gcc --version` or just simply `g++` or `gcc`, but it always says `gcc isn't a recognizable batch command` or whatever.
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