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Which is the best coding language for beginners?

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asked Jul 6, 2023 by Bhagya Chavda (230 points)

10 Answers

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answered Jul 7, 2023 by Peter Minarik (88,130 points)
edited Jul 8, 2023 by Peter Minarik
It depends on a lot of factors.

I think Python is pretty friendly for startes.

I started with Pascal back in the days.

C is nice as it has quite a limited library that you need to learn, but it contains active memory management (no garbage collection), so if you venture to pointers and memory allocation, you have to pay attention. However, C++ is a natural transition from C, when it comes to object-oriented languages and C/C++ is widely used in embedded systems and high-performance applications.

C# has a huge library from Microsoft and 3rd parties alike. Has Garbage Collection, so memory management is easier. Can be quite a versatile tool on the long run.

Java is also used in many places, it's similar to C#, but C# is more modern and refined, so I'd go with C# unless platform independence is a must.

There's Go, Rust, and all kinds of languages. And there's a whole bunch of them that target the Web platform, such as JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML, CSS, PHP, and whatnot.

So it really depends on what you're after. Maybe just start with Python then you'll see how you go.
commented Aug 2, 2023 by Gaurav Bhatta (100 points)
In my humble opinion going with C is the best options because it acts as a branch to all the other programming languages and also the concept of programming languages
commented Aug 25, 2023 by Sanket rindhe (100 points)
thanks  a lot
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answered Jul 8, 2023 by Veekesh Kumar (240 points)
my opinion is the best coding language for beginners is c programming language
commented Jul 31, 2023 by Subhajit Deb Nath (100 points)
yes it is correct
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answered Jul 11, 2023 by Malek Moha (180 points)

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answered Jul 11, 2023 by ABHISHEK MISHRA (160 points)
you should start with c++ as a begginer and learn the basics
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answered Jul 20, 2023 by יונתן בן ציון עבדה (140 points)
phython 3

phython 3
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answered Jul 22, 2023 by Manan (170 points)
Python is the best language for beginners as it is super easy
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answered Jul 27, 2023 by S Madhusudhana Rao (200 points)

For a person who is just going to understand how a computer runs using our given instructions, it's definitely " " //.

   Compared to many other programming languages, writing a code in C language makes us think step by step, and executes in the same way. It do possess some inbuilt functions which can be included with libraries. But in addition to that it make us think in a discrete way and it probably  make other languages simple to learn and code pretty fast. So, just be patient an learn C as much as you can and built your thinking abilities . Before becoming a programmer, you should become a thinker......

commented Aug 21, 2023 by Éder S. (320 points)
You is an Great Person Mr Mad. Rao. Inteligent.
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answered Aug 14, 2023 by Bharti Marko (140 points)
I Think HTML is the best language for beginners i know it's not a programming language but it is easy to learn how to build websites and i'm pretty sure beginners are easily can learn this HTML,

HTML is a markup language and first of all

we desinged a website we learn HTML, CSS & JS and these are easy to learn for beginners.
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answered Nov 10, 2023 by Aml (220 points)
my suggetion is java and python is bigginer friendly languages.I know java is coparitively challanging but its good
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answered Nov 23, 2023 by Harsh Katariya (160 points)
c++ is the best language for beginners
commented Dec 2, 2023 by Ananya K.J (300 points)
python is best for beginners since its easy due to use of basic english words.
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