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example of inhaertance in c++

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asked Sep 6 by Sonam Sharma (220 points)

2 Answers

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answered Sep 8 by Peter Minarik (80,300 points)
This site has a good explanation of inheritance in C++, check this out!

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answered Sep 25 by Gulshan Negi (1,380 points)

Well, in C++, inheritance is a fundamental concept in OOP (object-oriented programming) that allows you to create new classes such as derived or child classes.  

Here is the simple example of inheritance in C++.

#include <iostream>

class Base {
    void sayHello() {
        std::cout << "Hello from Base" << std::endl;

class Derived : public Base {
    void sayHi() {
        std::cout << "Hi from Derived" << std::endl;

int main() {
    Derived derivedObj;
    derivedObj.sayHello(); // Inherited from Base
    derivedObj.sayHi();    // Specific to Derived

    return 0;

There are many kind of inhertance, if you are looking to know about it in detail then you can read about it from here in detail.


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