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Hi I am Writing a calculator in Visual basics and there seems to be a Error occurring.

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asked Sep 9 by Ibrahim Ahmad (150 points)
Dim a,b,c As Integer
Dim op As String
    Console.Write ("Enter first number")
    Console.write ("Enter second numbers")
    Console.Write ("Enter Operator")
If op = "t" Then
    c = a+b
ElseIf op = "-" Then
    c = a-b
ElseIf op = "*" Then
    c = a*b
ElseIf op = "/" Then
    c = a/b
     Console.WriteLine ("Invalid op")
End If
     Console.Write ("Answer="&c)
End Sub

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answered Sep 10 by Twisha Bose (140 points)
Dim a, b, c As Integer
Dim op As String

Console.Write("Enter first number: ")
a = Convert.ToInt32(Console.ReadLine())

Console.Write("Enter second number: ")
b = Convert.ToInt32(Console.ReadLine())

Console.Write("Enter Operator: ")
op = Console.ReadLine()

If op = "+" Then
    c = a + b
ElseIf op = "-" Then
    c = a - b
ElseIf op = "*" Then
    c = a * b
ElseIf op = "/" Then
    If b = 0 Then
        Console.WriteLine("Division by zero is not allowed")
        c = a / b
    End If
    Console.WriteLine("Invalid operator")
End If

Console.WriteLine("Answer = " & c)
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