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I want to send ide pascal output to a file that I can print

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asked Sep 23 by donald girod (150 points)
I believe it is possible to redirect output to some kind of file but the redirect command is an ide command and I don't see how to create an ide command.  All that is shown on the screen is "command line arguments".  Maybe a command line argument exists for this but I don't know what it is.

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answered Sep 25 by Peter Minarik (80,320 points)
edited Sep 27 by Peter Minarik

Let's assume you have a simple program, that outputs "Hello World!" on the standard output.

program Hello;
  writeln ('Hello World!')

If you want the "Hello World!" not to be put on the standard output, but into a file, you can achieve this via the "Command line arguments" option, just add the redirect operator (>) and the file name, e.g.: "> hello.txt", into the "Command line arguments" text box.

When you run your code, a new file will be added to your project (in our example, it will be called "hello.txt") and you can observe the content of the file.

I hope this helps.

Good luck! :)

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answered Sep 27 by root (810 points)

In Delphi you can programmatically redirect output:

assign(output, '/tmp/foo');
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