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How to choose best UX bootcamps

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asked Oct 12 by Gulshan Negi (1,380 points)

Well, since few days I am searching about best UX bootcamps over the internet and I have found many post  regarding this. My concern is what is the parameter is to check which bootcamp is better to choose and how to choose that can be best for you. I have seen this post and according to this post rating does not matter to choose the best option for you.

Can anyone give their opinion on this?


1 Answer

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answered Oct 21 by Nadia (270 points)
To be honest now that I've researched the subject.  

But we already know that the most important thing is to do a thorough research on the different programs offered, read reviews from students, consider facts such as curriculum, course duration and cost.
commented Oct 21 by Gulshan Negi (1,380 points)
Thanks for your time and suggestions.
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