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My code is computing crazy numbers!

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asked Dec 30, 2023 by Colin Ferguson (190 points)

In the snippet below I put a breakpoint at the first line. The  local variables generated at start follow. Note that iGenerationMax is huge even though it is set to 99. I need help figuring out why it changed. Any help proffered will be much appreciated. :)

======== snippet=====================   

     int iGenerationMax = 99;
    double fProbability = 0.500;

    while (!Found && (i < iGenerationMax)){
        double t = i;
//        if (k <= n && k > 0)
     {  cur = PosteriorDensity(t, mu, k, n);
        CumProb = CumProb + (prev + cur) / 2.0; }
    if ((CumProb > fProbability) && !Found)
    {   if (abs(PrevCumProb - fProbability) < abs(CumProb - fProbability)) {
            iGeneration = i - 1;}
        else {
            iGeneration = i;
            Found = true; } }
    prev = cur;
    PrevCumProb = CumProb;
    Found = true;
    i = i + 1; }
return iGeneration; }

=======Local Variables=============


1 Answer

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answered Jan 6 by Peter Minarik (87,810 points)

Your variable i is probably not initialized so it contains some random value.

Please, share the entire code for verification, not just a snippet.

commented Jan 6 by xDELLx (10,520 points)
As Peter suggested, sharing partial information is not going to help you.
If the break point was set @ "    int iGenerationMax = 99; "
I assume the function stack(& all other locals) are not yet initialized & are bound to have Garbage Values in them.You should check thier values after assignment.
commented Jan 8 by Colin Ferguson (190 points)
Hey guys, thank you for the suggestions. I did not post all my code because it seemed like too much of an ask.
commented Jan 9 by Peter Minarik (87,810 points)
Sometimes it's better to post your entire code, even if it seems a lot (you can provide link to your project with the SHARE button, 3 buttons right of the RUN button), as some trickier questions may need all the information possible to solve.
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