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multifile Python project

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asked Jan 18 by Cristiano De Pasquale (220 points)

Is there any chance to create a project in Python with different files and choose which one to run?
a.py -- b.py -- c.py ...

I can actually only run main.py


1 Answer

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answered Feb 4 by Eidnoxon (5,270 points)

Yes! You can put your code into a function. E.g. a.py:

def runFunc():
      print("Hello from a.py!")

and then import that function from a.py to main.py:
from a import runFunc

If it's inside another folder:
from Folder.a import runFunc

and now main.py:
from a import runFunc

The output's gonna be "Hello from a.py!"
Not really sure what you mean by your question but here is my answer based on my assumption!

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