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What does downloading projects do?

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asked Feb 17 by Dr. BatCat (150 points)
I want to know what it does because I have been making a text based game, I'm not trying to sound better than anyone, but it currently has a a bit under 500 lines of code total. The only thing is that it seriously eats up my computer's ram and heavily slows down my computer (taking up about 2.2 Gb on average; according to chrome that is). Idk if anyone will ask this, but yes my code is well optimized and organized, I have so many lines of code because I've packed so much into it! I *love* coding, but I just wish it wouldn't force me to basically only have Online GDB open unless I want to majorly slow down my computer. -__-   Also I'm just curious in general too lol

   If anyone actually answers my question, then thank you lol

1 Answer

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answered Feb 28 by Peter Minarik (88,130 points)

If you're on the My Projects tab (left side) you can download any of your saved projects. This means a .zip file will be downloaded to your PC that contains all the source files in your project.

You should save your work first with the blue SAVE button 4 to the right of the green RUN button.

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