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Compile more than one files of fortran scripts

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asked Mar 26 by Yudi Haditiar (140 points)

Hi .. 

This online coding is very interesting for me. 

However, I can't compile many files of fortran files. 

I have written the three files that are name1.f95, name2.f95, and main.f95.

By using g95 -c name1.f95 name2.f95, I can't make files name1.o nor name1.mod. 

How can I do to tackle this step? 

Would you like to tell me! 

Kind regards, 


1 Answer

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answered Apr 2 by Peter Minarik (86,160 points)
I never had any real experience working with Fortran, but I've found this thread that may be of help: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/24149679/linking-multiple-files-with-fortran
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