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C coding question - data file

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asked Apr 12 by Mister Fork (220 points)
Hi everyone,

I'm writing a small c program to read data from a csv file and then reformats it into an output file. Is it possible do that in this environment? My program is called main.c, data is data.csv, and my output is report.txt.

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answered Apr 15 by Peter Minarik (88,110 points)
edited Apr 15 by Peter Minarik

Sure it is. Just make sure you add your data.csv to your project and when all run, download the report.txt from the online project (it gets added automatically to your project when the report is created).

I've created a small example to help you start on your journey: https://onlinegdb.com/mVz25nX9o

I've found out that if your input file is a .csv file, the compiler tries to interpret the file and it causes you a build error as OnlineGDB tries to compile every file included in the project. However, it's smart enough to not try to include .txt file, so if you use a .txt extension instead of a .csv, you should be good.

See the "data.txt" command line argument in my example project. Note, that the example project has a few configuration options. Check the function Configure() for more details.

Good luck!

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