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when i run this code in online gdb it perfect but when i use stm32cube ide he gives me warning

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asked May 13 by Rahul kumar Mahato (170 points)




struct DataSet


char data1;

int data2;

char data3;

short data4;


int main(void)


struct DataSet data;

data.data1 =0x11;

data.data2 =0xFFFFEEEE;

data.data3 =0x22;

data.data4 =0xABCD;

uint8_t *ptr;

ptr = (uint8_t *)&data;

size_t totalSize = sizeof(struct DataSet); // Use size_t here

printf("Memory address content\n");


for (size_t i = 0; i < totalSize; i++) // Use size_t here


printf("%p , %x\n", ptr, *ptr);



printf("Total memory consumed by this struct variable = %lu\n", sizeof(struct DataSet));

getchar(); // Wait for user input

return 0;


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answered May 14 by Peter Minarik (88,520 points)
edited May 15 by Peter Minarik
What are the warnings you get? Exact message please, with the correct line numbers, if possible.
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