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Suppose a new bank “XYZ” is to be launched very near in future. You have been hired as a programmer in this bank

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asked Aug 11, 2018 by AsadSalam24 (120 points)

you have to develop an application with following features

  • The application must be secure
  • For transactions, proper interfaces will be provided to the customer
  • The application must be reusable
  • The application must be efficient in terms of speed and memory usage

You can use either structure or class in order to achieve the above features. So which programming construct (structure or class) will you select for the application development? Justify your answer with proper reasons.

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answered Aug 13, 2018 by vaishnavi venugopal (140 points)
I would select Class for developing this application.Class can hold different types of datatypes same as structure but the only difference that can make class as a high priority for this application is the reusability.Using Polymorphism technique reusability can be made.Hence,for storing different customers information it is enough.Using access specifiers secure and safety of data can be done..!!!!
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