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trying to get the word '\nNo. \n' in the middle of my output no code. replace the bottom of the output to 7 = 7 8 = 8.

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asked Oct 17, 2018 by anonymous
#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

const int SEVEN = 7, EIGHT = 8;

void fakeSwap( int x, int y );
void realSwap(int y, int x);

int main()
    int eight = SEVEN,
        seven = EIGHT;
    fakeSwap( seven, eight );
    cout << seven << " = " << SEVEN << "\nNo. \n"
            << eight  << " = " << EIGHT  << endl;

    realSwap(EIGHT, SEVEN);
    cout << seven << " = " << SEVEN << '\n'
            << eight  << " = " << EIGHT  << endl;

    return 0;

void fakeSwap( int x, int y ) {
    int temp = x;
    x = y;
    y = temp;

void realSwap( int y, int x) {
    int eight = EIGHT,
        seven = EIGHT;

1 Answer

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answered Jan 23, 2019 by Ryan (1,230 points)

Your issue is that the variables "seven" and "eight" are not declared in main(). They were declared as local variables in a function and cannot be accessed in main(). In order to access them in main(), you can return their values from the fakeSwap() and realSwap() functions in an std::pair. Just use std::pair<int, int> as the return type for the function. This allows a pair holding two integer elements to be returned. You can also store each element separately in its own variable. You can access the elements in the pair using this syntax:  pairName.first  for the first element,  pairName.second  for the second one. Hope this helps!

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