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how to access openGL libraries using onlineGBD compiler

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asked Mar 2, 2019 by KB1 (160 points)

How can I use libraires such as openGL (gl.h, auxGL.h etc) and windows (windows.h) using this online compiler?

For example, I assume I wll need to find downloadable versions of the libraries, put them on my local drive somewhere and then tell GBD where to find them?  

If this is correct, where can find the proper downloadable libraires, where should i put them on my local drive and how do I set GBD up to look for and use them?

If this is not correct, please advise me as to how this is done.


1 Answer

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answered Mar 7, 2019 by KB1 (160 points)
I got an email that said "TheMrCool" had answered this question with a link to the answer.


The link results from an error that seems to be coming from the GDB site.

I dont see an answer when I come directly to this page via onlinegdb.com

Any idea how i can find the answer that TheMrCool provided?
Anybody else have an answer to the original question?
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