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that calculates a customer’s bill for a local cable company. There are two types of customers: residential and business

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asked Nov 23, 2019 by hASEEB aHMAD
There are two rates for calculating a cable bill: one for residential and one for business customers.
Rates that apply for residential customers:
Rates that apply for business customers:
Input, Processing and Output:  
1- Customer account Number (an integer) 2- Customer code (B/b for business customers and R/r for residential).
If the customer type is R or r.
1- Prompt the user for the number of premium channels. 2- Compute the bill 3- Print the bill
If the customer type is B or b
1- Prompt the user for the number of basic service connections and number of premium channels. 2- Compute the bill. 3- Print the bill.
NOTE: Based on the information above. First develop formulas for bills for both customer types and get it checked by any of the instructor in the lab, once approved then start impleme

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answered Nov 27, 2019 by rohan ag (1,310 points)
i simply wrote the requirements if u want some modification u can

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