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asked Mar 19, 2020 by anonymous
Construa um programa que aplique um desconto de 25% sobre o preço de um produto recebido como entrada e imprima o valor resultante. Use o valor 150.00 como entrada.

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answered May 2, 2021 by Han-ma-bookie (360 points)
#include <iostream>

using namespace std;

int main () {

double valor, desconto;

cout << "Digite o valor: ";

cin  >> valor;

desconto = valor - ((valor * 25) / 100);

cout << "\n";

cout << "O valor com desconto de 25%: " << desconto << endl;

return 0;

commented May 3, 2021 by Peter Minarik (88,520 points)
just a small note:
You did not count the discount (nor stored it in the variable `discount`). What you calculated and stored (and printed to the user) is the discounted value. Your calculation is correct, but your naming of things is not.

discounted value = original value - discount
commented May 4, 2021 by Han-ma-bookie (360 points)
I wanted to avoid declaring more variables, something leaner, and that's why I used the nomenclature that way. My bad
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