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hi guys, i really need ur help in python with my homework, please :<

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asked Apr 5, 2020 by DariaSNT (130 points)
Write a program that calculates the sum of three numbers entered as a character string. All numbers are integers.
Enter the expression:
Answer: 60

5 Answers

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answered Apr 6, 2020 by Vaishnavi (180 points)
# Store input numbers
num1 = input('Enter first number: ')
num2 = input('Enter second number: ')
num3 = input('Enter third number :')
# Add three numbers
sum = float(num1) + float(num2) +float(num3)

# Display the sum
print('The sum of {0},{1} {2} is {3}'.format(num1, num2, num3, sum))
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answered Apr 6, 2020 by Omkar Joshi (180 points)

print("Sum of a ,b and c is",int(a)+int(b)+int(c))
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answered Apr 8, 2020 by Jag Man Gurung (220 points)
Hello there. You can use eval() function for your question.

expression = "12+3+45"

Output: 60.
commented Apr 9, 2020 by DariaSNT (130 points)
thanks a lot!
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answered Apr 17, 2020 by Khadeja Y (160 points)

num = input("Enter the expression : \n")



Enter the expression : 
Answer: 60

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answered Apr 24, 2020 by Anto (140 points)
I know the "eval" function is made for this, but I'm guessing you're supposed to find the solution yourself, not already made.

What about (Python3.x) :

line = input().split('+')
    numbers = [int(n) for n in line]
except ValueError:
    print("Invalid line format.")
    result = sum(numbers)
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