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MenuDrivenPythonprogramusingdictionaryaccepts nameofmovieandtotalno.of allhalls movie screened followedbynamesofallhalls

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asked Apr 25, 2020 by Steve (150 points)

Sample Output

Movie ID : 2001

Movie: Thappad

Movie Screening in Navi Mumbai : 3 halls

1. Fame  Vashi

2. Cinemax  Vashi

3. Big Cinemas  Kharghar

Movie ID : 2002

Movie: Sab Kushal Mangal

Movie Screening in Navi Mumbai : 2 halls

1.  Cinemax  Vashi

2.  Big Cinemas  Kharghar

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1 Answer

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answered May 16, 2023 by Hope (300 points)
# Import the necessary libraries.
import sys

# Create a dictionary to store the movie details.
movie_details = {}

# Define a function to print the menu.
def print_menu():
  print("Welcome to the Movie Screening Menu!")
  print("1. Add a movie.")
  print("2. View all movies.")
  print("3. Exit.")

# Define a function to add a movie to the dictionary.
def add_movie():
  # Get the movie name from the user.
  movie_name = input("Enter the movie name: ")

  # Get the number of halls from the user.
  number_of_halls = int(input("Enter the number of halls: "))

  # Add the movie details to the dictionary.
  movie_details[movie_name] = number_of_halls

# Define a function to view all the movies in the dictionary.
def view_all_movies():
  # Print the list of movies.
  for movie_name in movie_details:

# Define a function to exit the program.
def exit_program():

# Keep looping until the user wants to exit.
while True:
  # Print the menu.

  # Get the user's choice.
  user_choice = input("Enter your choice: ")

  # Validate the user's choice.
  if user_choice not in ["1", "2", "3"]:
    print("Invalid choice. Please try again.")

  # Perform the action corresponding to the user's choice.
  if user_choice == "1":
  elif user_choice == "2":
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