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In need of help with Pyhton programming homework

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asked May 14, 2020 by Alex (210 points)
Write a program that gives the symbol of the element and its number, when given an input of the full name of an element, all 118+ included.

1 Answer

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answered Jun 7, 2020 by kailash Rathod (200 points)

first of all this a homework so I will not give you direct code I will help you with steps

1. Create a multi-dimensional list of Elements 

eg.  a = [['jhon',20,'male'],

2. Get input in the variable x or whatever

3. then use for loop to loop through the all the first element is which is a name in my case:


// this a loop for finding the element and printing its values

 for i in range(len(a)):

// here we are checking if the user input value matches or not if matches then print it 
                  if(x == a[i][0]):
                          print("Age: ",a[i][1]," Gender: ",a[i][2])

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