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How do I fix this to make the loop questions true?

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asked Nov 23, 2020 by THOMAS GUERRA (280 points)

import java.util.Scanner;
import java.lang.Math;

public class Main 
    public static void main(String[] args){
        Scanner input = new Scanner(System.in);
        int QUEST = 0; // accumulator of Questions
        int mcq = 1; //counter of Questions
        int answer; // answer for each question
        int points = 0;
        System.out.print("How many questions do you wanna answer? ");
        QUEST = input.nextInt();
            System.out.println("Q#" + mcq + ")" + (int)(300*Math.random()+1) +  " % "   + (int)(7*Math.random()+2));
            System.out.print("What is your answer: ");
            answer = input.nextInt();
            if(answer==(int)(300*Math.random()+1)  %  (int)(7*Math.random()+2)){
            } else{
        } while(mcq<=QUEST);


Filename: modTutorName

Create a program that prompts the user for a number of modulus math questions that they want to answer. The program will then quiz the player on that number of randomly generated questions of the style:

(random 1-300) % (random 2-7) = ?

For each question the user gets correct they earn a point. After ALL the questions have been asked, the program will display the number of correct answers as well as the percentage of correct answers.

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answered Nov 23, 2020 by xDELLx (10,520 points)

  1.   System.out.println("Q#" + mcq + ")" + (int)(300*Math.random()+1) +  " % "   + (int)(7*Math.random()+2));
  2.             System.out.print("What is your answer: ");
  3.             answer = input.nextInt();
  4.             if(answer==(int)(300*Math.random()+1)  %  (int)(7*Math.random()+2)){
  5.                 System.out.println("Correct!");
  6.                 points++;
  7.             } else{
  8.                 System.out.println("Wrong!");
  9.             }

One issue that looks obvious is whenever you call random() function ,it will generate a random number. Now on line #1 lets say numerator & denominator evaluate to  100 & 3 whats the gaurantee that line#4 random will generate the same numberator & denominator ??

Please assign the numerator & denominator only once when you compute with with random function.Then use the modulo to on the captured numerator & denominator, as the prob statement requires .


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